The antumbra is the region from which the occluding body appears entirely contained within the disc of the light source. If an observer in the antumbra moves closer to the light source, the apparent size of the occluding body increases until it causes a full umbra. An observer in this region experiences an annular eclipse.
- Wikipedia definition

The Teaser

A man washes up on the shores of Lake Michigan with no memory of who he is, haunted by nightmares that make no sense. A girl has visions of places she’s never been, warning her of perils that should not be. A would-be Nobleman thinks he is only playing a role, while monsters hide in the shadow of his masquerade. A new money debutante wants to find the truth behind death, and imperils the world through his recklessness. A simple man hoping for a simple paycheck helps others enable their dreams, only to find their dreams are nightmares. A handful of unintentional heroes find themselves the inheritors of a dark legacy, forced to take up arms to save a world they themselves may have put in peril by their own ignorance…

Welcome to Detroit!

Antumbra is a World of Darkness Chronicle set in present-day Detroit. A Detroit ravaged by economic depression, a ruined city that’s lost its’ spirit. In the shadows desperate factions, supernatural and otherwise, fight over scraps of territory. Vampires & Werewolves, Hunters & Immortals all scrabble to hold on to what they have, all the while fighting to take just a little bit more.
House Rules
Real Detroit


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