Tag: Laos Chinese Soul Food Kitchen


  • Madame Lao

    p. Ever since the death of her husband Richard Lao eight years ago, Becky Lao has been the face and dynamic driving force of Lao's Chinese Soul Food Kitchen, a peculiar neighborhood institution at the corner of Varney street and Foster, in old east …

  • Dragon Lady Lao

    Mai Yin Lao is the mother of Richard Lao Sr (RIP) and mother-in-law to Becky Sue (Thatcher) Lao, the former and current owners of Lao's Chinese Soul Food Kitchen. She has lived and worked on the premises since her father built the establishment in 1952. …

  • Sonny Pedro

    Sonny Pedro is a neighborhood thug and wanna-be gangsta, who often hangs out with Bruce Lao. He is hoping to ride Bruce's coat-tails into becoming initiated as a member of the Voodoo Crew. He has a crush on Bruce's sister Chiniqua.

  • Chiniqua Lao

    Chiniqua is the daughter of Madame Lao, and Bruce Lao's little sister. Madame Lao is extremely protective of her, and has promised to make _Long Dong Mountain Oyster Gai Pan_ out of anyone foolish enough to touch her.