The Bride of Count Leland with dark hair who always dresses in victorian period clothing


Carla Murray was always a little bit odd. If she had grown up some place like California, she might have found her clique right away and never given it another thought. Instead, she was born in a small town in rural Wisconson, the only child of an automotive mechanic and an elementary school teacher. At first, she was labeled “precocious”, then she was labeled “bookish”. “Tomboy”, “Nerd”, “Space Cadet”, “Late Bloomer”, and eventually “Freak” were added to the list of labels attached to her. Carla was a fangirl in a town full of illiterates.

Later she left home to attend the University of Michigan. Away from the small town mentality of being surrounded by people who thought they knew her, she finally had the chance to define herself as herself, and began to bloom as an individual. She began dating, and became semi-serious with a guy named Chuck Barnes, who was a decent enough fellow if you liked that sort of thing. While in college, she also discovered the Van Helsing Society, a fanclub devoted to the works of Bram Stoker and all things Dracula.

Unfortunately, while she loved college, it was very expensive, and even with student loans and assistance from her family, she had to find ways to make some money on the side. Late at night, exhausted from a long day at school but too worried about her finances to sleep, she saw an ad on craigslist offering to pay good money for fetish models. She answered the ad, and was surprised to recieve an answer almost immediately. The advertiser stated that the photos were for vampire fetishists, and that explicit nudity was not required, but they would pay more for skin. She was intrigued, and made an appointment to go down to Detroit to meet with the photographer.

Meeting Count Leland was a revelation for her. She was aware of “goths” and thought it was cute but kind of silly. Count Leland was something else. Carla had met him online, and they had had many discussions about the literature and folklore of Dracula and how the romance of that work had influenced their lives. Just as Leland saw a reflection of his home in the shadow-enshrouded battlements of Carfax Abbey, Carla saw a reflection of herself in Mina Murray, the dutiful fiance of Johnathan Harker. This twin fantasy became the basis of their first role-play session, Jacoby faithfully filmed the stalking, seduction, and transformation of “Mina” by Count Leland. It was their first full-length feature download, filmed in three parts, and structured as an homage to the classic Coffin Joe film, “At Midnight I’ll Possess Your Corpse”. Living out one of her best loved and most deeply seated fantasies sparked a change in Carla, long overdue, as she totally reinvented herself over the next few months as Mina, a seductive victorian vampire, and she threw herself neck-deep into the local S&M scene.

Chuck was not thrilled with this change in her, and neither were her parents. Mina fled to Detroit for good after Chuck became physically abusive to her. He followed her to the warehouse where Leland and Jacoby were living, only to find out that a .45 semi-automatic pistol in the hands of an angry black man was a significant argument for leaving her alone. After that, Chuck changed tactics, convincing Mina’s parents that she had joined a cult. They went so far as to hire an expert deprogrammer, who abducted Mina off of the streets and used brainwashing techniques to attempt to force her to return to normal. Mina managed to get free long enough to call for help, after sabotaging her captor’s vehicle to prevent them from moving her. When Leland showed up with a few friends from the old neighborhood, the deprogrammers fled. After that, Mina has legally disowned her parents, severing all legal claims as next of kin, in order to prevent further interference from them. There are also restraining orders in place against Chuck and her family, although she does occasionally hear from her cousin Betty, who some times acts as a go between for the estranged parties.

After casting her lot in with Leland and Jacoby to help run the Crypts of Carfax website, Mina has proven to be invaluable as a sed decorator and costume designer. The hand crafts she learned from her parents allow her to restore, repair, or build almost anything needed for the various video shoots, and since the Century Arms was purchased by the three of them, she has devoted a great deal of her spare time to restoring and renovating the old hotel.

While Mina is the very model of meek and submissive femininity whenever “in character”, she is also a very “take charge” sort of person who can be very intense and controlling. She is very strong willed and even stubborn, but she is also very friendly and outgoing, and is very often the hostess at parties and events, mingling with guests and making sure that everything is going well.


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