Madame Lao

Body and face of Queen Latifah, Dress habits of Chun-Li, Voice of Minnie Pearle.


Ever since the death of her husband Richard Lao eight years ago, Becky Lao has been the face and dynamic driving force of Lao’s Chinese Soul Food Kitchen, a peculiar neighborhood institution at the corner of Varney street and Foster, in old east Poletown. Cheerfully eccentric, she goes about dressed in a theatrical manner, happily greeting customers and waiting tables while calling out with her booming Georgia Peach accent. Madame Lao is assisted by her younger son Bruce, and her daughter Chiniqua. Her elder son, Richard Jr, is currently serving in the armed forces, and is stationed in Iraq. Her mother-in-law, Mai Yin Lao, remains the vital driving force in the kitchen, preparing traditional Chinese and Chinese-American dishes in the same way as has been passed down for generations of restaraunt owners, while Becky adds her own southern American Soul-Food touch to create a modern fusion style cuisine.

Madame Lao shares a dark secret in common with Count Leland. She was once a “mule” for the Jamaican Posse, and a cousin of hers is currently a member of the Voodoo Crew. Her younger son Bruce has also begun to get involved with the local gangs, and she is secretly becoming afraid for him.

Madame Lao

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