Li Grande Zombi

Reclusive leader of the Voodoo Crew


If there had been only one person in the Voodoo Crew to use the name Li Grande Zombi, then he must be a man in his early sixties. An original Yardie, he is believed to have begun his criminal career as a member of the Jamaican-based Rat Posse before moving on to join the infamous Shower Posse. He is rumored to have been trained in torture, terror-tactics, and urban warfare by CIA operatives who were involved in drug trafficking in the 1980s. In 1986, he moved to Detroit, bringing with him several fanatical supporters from the Shower Posse to serve as his muscle. He adopted his current title as Li Grande Zombi during this time, and presumably uses it as a cover-identity to allow him to pursue a normal life.

It is interesting to note that there is a Le Grand street in old Poletown, just south of Varney street. This may have been his original inspiration, and/or the site of his base of operations.

Li Grande Zombi

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