The second Bride of Leland. Tall, Amazonian, mixed African American/Hispanic/Caucasian descent


Felicia Consuela Jones (no relation to Leland Jones) was born in 1988 to Maria (Hermanez) Jones and Victor Abraham Lincoln Jones in East Detroit. She grew up in the shadow of the GM plant and watched as the neighborhood slowly went from bad to worse. After graduating from the nearby Oakland International Academy, she has moved on to the University of Michigan school of Art & Design where she is currently working towards earning a BFA.

While in college, Felicia became enmeshed in the world of S&M, discovering a great liking for the leather community and the people she met there. One such persom whom she met at a DARK Nirvana event was an eccentric figure in a victorian costume who introduced himself as Count Leland. The charming absurdity of his Legosi-esque persona made her laugh, but at the same time she was drawn in by his charisma and joi de vie. Later, it was discovered in conversation that they had once been neighbors, both growing up in the East Side. Count Leland proudly informed her that he had just purchased “the old crackhouse” (the neighborhood nickname for the old Century Arms building) and was in the process of renovating it. He invited her to come over and see, and she accepted the invitation.

Leland was living with two other people in a “leather family” – an open clan of lifestyle fetishists sharing a household. Felicia met Willian Jacoby, and soon the two of them began dating. At the same time, Felicia was invited to become a model for the Crypts of Carfax website, which could be fairly lucrative, without much cutting into the time she needed for her school work. She agreed, but insisted on taking on a dramatic persona in the form of the vampiress Laetitia, hiding her features behind makeup and costuming in order to avoid the embarassment of being “outed” in her old neighborhood.

Laetitia’s persona is that of an aristocratic vampire, a strong-willed dominant with ice-cold demeanor who seduces and abuses the mortals who cross her path. In-scene with Count Leland, she plays the “bad cop” to his “good cop”, allowing him to “rescue” her victims from her, claiming them for himself. To heighten the effect of this character, she wears platform shoes and an abundant fall (a type of wig) to make her seem even taller and more imposing. She typically wears a more modern style of drag than the others, favoring a mix of latex and leather garments with numerous snaps and buckles. The heavy makeup she wears does not entirely disguise her features, but the overall change is enough to allow her deniability of her secret life.


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