"Count" Leland

Owner of the Carfax Arms and Host/MC of the Crypt of Carfax website


At the age of 32, Leland Morris Jones is that most rare of individuals, an EX gang member. Growing up on the streets of Detroit in the impoverished East Side, he was recruited by the Voodoo Crew arm of the Jamaican Possee when he was a teenager in the early 1990s. For a time he was involved in drug trafficking and prostitution until he was arrested and spent five years in prison after a deal went bad. While he was in jail, Leland’s younger brother Jesse died in a gang-related shooting. Leland’s mother, Patricia, blamed Leland for Jesse’s death and has refused to speak with him. She has moved back to Ontario, Canada, and is living with her sister Georgia. Leland’s father, Ted, passed away from congestive heart failure while Leland was in prison. He has had no contact with his family since his release from jail.

It was during this pivotal time in his life that Leland discovered Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, and found a deep resonance in the character and his relationship with his battered castle in the Carpathian mountains, the romantic view of which reminded him of the brokendown neighborhoods of Detroit where he grew up. He became involved with the Van Helsing Society while in jail, a literary society of Dracula fans, which became a touchstone for him, allowing Leland to distance himself from the gangs and violence which surrounded him all his life. Gaining early release for good behavior, Leland spent his period while on parole reinventing himself in the gothic mold, where he discovered the vampire subcommunity of Detroit, and the local S&M scene.

In 2005 he met William Jacoby while at a Hammer film festival. The two became immediate friends, and Jacoby, then a self-employed CPA with a failing business, offered to help Leland put together a website called the Crypts of Carfax, giving Leland a showcase for his vampire persona after the fashion of classic late night horror movie hosts. Soon after, an “adult” section was added to the Crypts of Carfax, showcasing fetish models and local scene players. One of the most popular recurring models, going by the stase name of Mina (born Carla Murray), became romantically involved with Leland and became the Count’s first “Bride”. With her assistance, the three of them used seed money from the web site, which has been growing in popularity, to purchase the old Century Arms hotel on Varney Street, renaming it the Carfax Arms. In 2008 the Carfax Arms opened its doors as a private venue available for parties and events in the fetish scene. During this time, Leland found his next two “Brides” in Laetitia (Felicia Jones) and “Ekatarina” (Ekatarina Kurylenko), who have remained staple characters in the Crypt of Carfax website.

Count Leland still hosts the Crypt of Carfax website, and serves as the manager of the Carfax Arms (which, despite the former function of the building, is not actually a hotel – a fact which frequently confuses newcomers to the area), and is slowly gaining respect as a major player in the local leather community. Unfortunately, having returned to the old neighborhood comes with its drawbacks, as members of his old gang seek to reestablish connection with him, and forces continue to conspire to draw him back to his old life.

"Count" Leland

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