House Rules

Additional XP awards

Contributions may provide extra exp, at Storyteller’s discretion: Creative efforts such as keeping a log or journal to share with the group, drawing character sketches, and bringing/painting your own miniature are worth 1xp each (awarded no more than once per session).

Character Creation

New characters begin as Mortals or Vampires, unless otherwise specifically allowed by the Storyteller. Unusual Templates may not be taken without express Storyteller’s permission & a good solid back story that ties into the Chronicle. Characters in general should either be tied to the group in some way, or have a good reason to become affiliated with them in short order.

Fighting Styles

Characters may not know more than one Fighting Style at start, and not at all if they start with a supernatural template.


Each PC recieves 7 bonus dots in the “Relationship” merit (see the WoD: Mirrors or Mage: Chronicler’s Guide for details) at character creation, to build up their background. No one exists in a vacuum.

Retainers, Relatives and Replacement Characters

I would like it if all characters had a common theme or connection relating to the group as it currently stands (so, childer of Vampires, mortal relatives or friends, retainers, wolf-blooded kin, etc). However, characters may have as many Supporting Cast characters as they can afford by repeated purchases of the Relationship, Contacts, Mentor, Retainer or Friend Merit. Such Supporting Characters may be run instead of their Primary if plot dictates, or activated to replace the Primary upon said character’s demise or events force their removal from the campaign. Support Characters are bought with the Relationship, Contact, Mentor, Retainer or Friend Merit by the Primary Character.

Replacement characters come in with half the xp of the player’s previous character (presuming the character died or otherwise went out well – 0xp if they just got bored & decided to retire the old PC in favor of a new one). Such replacement PCs should have some story tie-in to allow for prior PC knowledge ( a journal, close friend/kinship, etc), if such can be managed.

Retainer Rank Character templates

Retainers are Supporting Characters who are considered at their Patron’s beck-and-call 24-7. They can usually be expected to be willing to give up their lives for the PC, being bound by Loyalty only shakable by unusually severe circumstances (mistreatment by their Patron being one of them, the manipulations of Rivals or Enemies being another).

dots xp and template
1 0 xp Flawed Mortal, Innocent (or animal)
2 10 xp Flawed Mortal/Innocent, 0 xp Mortal
3 20 xp Flawed Mortal/Innocent, 10 xp Mortal, 0 xp Minor Template Character
4 30 xp Flawed Mortal/Innocent, 20 xp Mortal, 10 xp Minor Template Character
5 40 xp Flawed Mortal/Innocent, 30 xp Mortal, 20 xp Minor Template Character, 0 xp Major

Template Character

Characters may be “upgraded” with their Patron’s increasing the Retainer’s rating through xp. When they increase to the next rank, the Patron character must decide whether the improvement is by an increase in xp or a change in Template. Changes in Template are restricted by the options available to the Patron Character.

Flawed Mortals must start play with a Flaw. This Flaw may not be dropped or recovered from as log as the character is a “dependent” (ie. a Retainer) unless the Character is upgraded to the next rank of Retainer.

Mortals may have a Supported Template assigned to them if (and only if) their Patron is of a suitable Major Template to do so. Supported Templates are Ghouls (Patron: Vampire) and Enchanted (Patron: Changeling).

Friend Rank Character templates

Friends are always the same Template as their Player Character associate. While in general a PC can trust a Friend to be loyal, if players abuse a “Friend” Supporting character too much in play, the Storyteller reserves the right to step in and make use of said character as an NPC as he sees fit (including chastising the demanding PC, removing himself from his life or even becoming a foe or rival, depending on how misused the character has become). Friends are NOT at your beck and call, like a Retainer. They have their own plots and interests, and will expect favors returned in kind if PCs call on them for help. Storyteller has final say on what is and is not acceptable for the Friend merit. In addition, each rank in Friend brings with it an inherent flaw, usually in the context of Enemies or Rivals the Friend has that may effect their relationship with the Primary Character.

dots xp and template
1 0 xp, Beginner
2 35 xp, Seasoned
3 75 xp, Established
4 120 xp, Veteran
5 180 xp, Legend
+1 Characters may be “upgraded” with their Patron’s increasing the Retainer’s rating through xp.

Template rules

All characters without a Template are considered Mortal, normal & mundane.
Minor Templates include: Wolf-blooded, Dreamers, Psychics, Hedge Magicians, Witches, Hunters, Slashers, Skinchangers & Possessed.
Major Templates include: Innocents, Vampires, Werewolves, Magi, Prometheans, Changelings, & Changing Breeds.

Template Stacking

Any Template that is represented rules-wise solely through merits may be stacked with one that doesn’t.
Merit-based Templates include Wolf/Beast-blooded, Dreamers, Enchanted, & Psychic.
The Innocent Template stacks with everything, major & minor. The sucky part is that if you’re other Template is immortal (ie. unaging), you can’t get rid of it until you find a way to “grow” out of it.
Hunter Templates (including Witches & Slashers) become only partially subsumed by another template. All merits (and their corresponding benefits, such as Endowments) may be kept when merged with another non-merit based template, but key Hunter edges (such as risking willpower and practical experience) are lost until/unless the other template is removed.

Template Trumping

Some Templates trump others (ie. they can replace them):
Promethian trumps all corporeal Templates. Depending on circumstances, you may need to re-write the character from scratch, or at least take a couple of dots of Prior Memories.
Vampire trumps all corporeal Templates, as long as the sire embraces them in time.
Shape-Changing Templates trump other living Templates.
Changeling Template trumps any and all templates, as the will of the True Fae dictate.
The Awakened Mage Template trumps all minor Templates.
The Ghoul Template trumps minor non-merit based Templates. It becomes an either-or circumstance template, active only as long as a Vampire Domitor keeps it active. Otherwise the other template reverts.


I’ll be using poker chits to handle various temporary pools.

  • White = Willpower
  • Black = Vice-fueled Willpower
  • Red = Vitae
  • Green = Essence
  • Yellow/Coins/funny money = Resources


To represent money and other loot actively in use we will be using Coin tokens, which can be used to buy equipment or services. Occasionally Chocolate Coins will also be used for spurious loot and hard currency. If you get a Chocolate Coin and you eat it, I’m presuming your character frittered away their reward and otherwise enjoyed themselves. Characters start each story with disposable income based on their Resources which can be spent for Equipment as needed in play based on a doubling principle (ie. 1/2/4/8/16, etc). This is a use it or loose it principle, as it resets between stories.


Characters are presumed to start play with a few personal possessions important to them, one weapon (presuming you have at least 2 dots in either Firearms or Weaponry), a vehicle (presuming they have at least 1 dot in Drive), a home or apartment, and several changes of clothes. They may choose additional gear as needed for their characters as long as they have the Resources and background to cover explaining it.

House Rules

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