Ch. 6: "It's Complicated..."
Act II: The Grandfather Clause

Saturday Night continues
After their conversation at the cafe, the gang splits up to attend to their evening affairs:

  • Jaik & the Werewolves: After waiting in the snow, staking out the fountain/statue that serves as the material reflection for the Locus he’d seen the Pack raiding the previous week in a dream, his patience is rewarded as Van Luvien and two wolves come past on patrol at about 11 that night. Van Luvien is of course a tad surprised at Jaik’s resurrection, and it gives him enough pause to listen to Jaik’s renewed pitch for an alliance against the Hundred, but he sticks his foot in his mouth – again – and again Van Luvien and his packmates red him to pieces.
  • Athene & T.J./Rudolfo: Athene introduces Rudolfo to Karaoke and they have a fun time. Afterward he drops her off at the Carfax claiming fatigue, but instead goes on a bar-crawl, eventually stumbling into Count Leland and his friends at another club. Athene, back at the Hotel, is overcome with a vision of Jaik’s gory demise, and after snatching up a handful of garbage bags to collect his remains, grabs a cab to the scene of his butchery. But once there she finds only torn clothes, his wallet & his phone.
  • Count Leland & his entourage: Taking the first part of the evening to get himself and several of his girls dolled up, they head out to a notable goth-club to strum up interest in their own “private party” later in the month, a cause to which he adds the force of Majesty to spectacular effect, as he finds he is apparently the Most Interesting Man in the World. He also finds Nichole is there, in the company of her “daughter” Altair. After making introductions, the two join his clutch, as does Rudolfo for a while. over the course of the evening he lets slip a little more about the bad old days with “Colin” (Jaik), before making an early evening of it. Nichole makes the suggestion to Altair that she too may wish to invest in the Count’s little venture over at the Carfax, before the younger Vampire slips off to quietly seduce and feed from a randy boy she picks up. They end the night, collecting a few new playmates, piling into the Count’s car and heading back to the hotel to party until dawn (before which the Vampires quietly see themselves out).

T.J. wakes up in his appartment to his dog Cujo licking his face, with distinct memories of having spent the majority of the time since he had put on the amulet last night trapped in an elderly, paralyzed body in a nursing home somewhere in another timezone. After leaving messages with friends to find out what happened last night, and a quick call to his mom to find out if Great grandpa might still be alive (she claims he’s not), he sets about grooming his pooch.

Meanwhile Athene goes stir-crazy with worry, filling Jaik’s phone up with fake messages assuring her he’s ok & he begs her forgiveness. By mid-afternoon the Count & his companions are up as well, and T.J. drops by to quiz them all on what he said and what he missed (he chooses to keep under his hat the cryptic messages Rudolfo left for him in the journal). By evening the gang is getting ready to again head out, this time for dinner at the Mixed Chinese-Soul food place next door, when Altair drops by to speak with Leland, and the resurrected Jaik stumbles out of his ritual freezer-crypt down in the basement. Rolling the two into their party, they continue on, and over dinner Jaik mutters murder about the werewolves. Altair debates the sanity of such a move, but gives Leland her pitch, asking if she could move in to the Hotel, to which he agrees.

Upon their return to the Hotel they find Nichole awaiting them, having brought a gift. Two more chests – these ones being gun and ammo cases. “For all your werewolf-hunting needs” she states with a smile…

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Psychic Single-Minded 3 + 4 = 7
T.J. Brown Key Grip 3 + 6 = 9
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Ghoul Embarrassing Secret 3 + 6 = 9
Jaik Mkor Mystery Man Immortal (Purified) Amnesia 3 + 5 = 8
John Watson Doctor Ghoul - 2 + 1 = 3
Altair Reserved Academic Vampire (Daeva) - 0 + 4 = 4
Ch. 5: Unsettled
Act II: The Grandfather Clause

About a week has passed, and though the Castle Mall is still closed, the National Guard has removed it’s roadblocks and moved out. Angus has told Athene over the phone her shop is fine and she can come back any time. Meanwhile the Count has been busy renovating the Carfax, trying to get it ready for upcoming thanksgiving day events in the “barn” (an unused portion of the hotel). Nichole has taken an interest in the place though, and has laid claim to both the penthouse and a section of basement (and has invested in a secret express elevator between the two). She has also introduced the Count to an associate of hers named “Skinny,” a disturbingly tall, thin man who can help with the homeless problem in the “barn.” T.J. & Jaik have been busy with work, but not so busy that Jaik hasn’t been able to discover more about the ghost girl at the hotel (who’s name is “Marci”)) and see to it a room is set aside for her, and that a mini-car is purchased for his friend the fez-wearing cockroach spirit can drive about the place (with the story that it is “remote controlled”).

Saturday, T.J.‘s package from home arrives, containing all of his grandfather’s stuff. The old costumes & clothes are vintage and all, but the object of most curious import proves to be a small chest. Deciding it would be best to open it in the company of friends more aware than he (and avoid a repeat of the previous “Pandora Event”), T.J. gathers with Athene, Jaik, Leland & Watson by the Lake. After determining that it isn’t covered in Twilight weirdness, T.J. explores its’ assortment of drawers and openings, finding the following: a mask, a medallion, a journal, and three vials, each containing a different fluid. The Journal proves to by his grandfathers, but is a rambling affair, seemingly written by a madman, giving all sorts of strange and obscure clues. After discussing what the journal means and what the objects may or may not be, they are motivated to take their leave when they realize Jaik has caught the attention of a flock of snake-possessed ducks.

While the Count stops off at the hotel for a nap, the rest of the gang agree to drive Athene by the Castle Mall to meet with Angus and check on her store. They instead drive on once Jaik notes the place is crawling with spirits, likely the Hundred, and that Angus himself is possessed by the Jester-Knight. As they’re driving and discussing what to do next, Watson shouts suddenly, thinking they’re about to run into another car, causing T.J. to suddenly stop the vehicle. A black SUV drives up, rolls down it’s window, and the mysterious driver gives them his bosses car, before driving off. The card reads “Cliff Medrano, Deputy Director, Cheiron Group.” Having had enough weirdness, the gang stops off at a bar and hang out, discussing this and numerous other events for the next several hours.

Eventually returning to the Carfax to get the Count’s thoughts on things, no one disputes Jaik’s idea that they should speak with the werewolves – such as Van Luvien – in hopes of an aliance, but equally no one is that willing to accompany him when he does, given what happened the last time they met. Athene decided to take a jog around the block, and Jaik & Watson insist on accompanying her, while the COunt attends to directing his household, and T.J. goes back to meddling with items in his grandfathers box. THus no one is on hand or otherwise undistracted to see his odd expression when he puts on the Medallion, picks up the chest and leaves.

When the joggers return & find him gone Jaik informs Athene this is her fault for leading them off when they should have stayed together. Athene in turn points out T.J. left behind his dog, Cujo, and likely she can lead them to her master. They find him two blocks away in a bar, drinking a bear and watching sports on the T.V. Quite cordial, it swiftly becomes clear T.J. has been possessed by his grandfather Rudolfo, a much saner individual than his notebook would otherwise imply. Rudolfo implies he doesn’t plan on staying terribly long in is grandson’s body, so they shouldn’t worry. In the ensuing discussion they find out the three vials contain (Nichole’s blood, a deadly toxin that MAY – or may NOT – grant the same immortality Jaik has, and an elixir that is for T.J. & T.J. alone). They in turn fill in some blanks about the modern world, and where T.J. fits in it.

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Psychic Single-Minded 3
T.J. Brown Key Grip 3
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Ghoul Embarrassing Secret 3
Jaik Mkor Mystery Man Immortal Amnesia 3
John Watson Doctor Ghoul - 2
Ch. 4: All Hallows Day
Act I: The Apocalypse Box

Monday, November 1st, 2010

After a night of wandering the streets in his pajamas having fled his home above the chaos of recent events at the Castle Mall, Angus finds himself pursued by weird bums and other strangers offering to do ANYTHING for him to curry favor with the Hundred, themselves very thankful for his part in releasing them. He wakes in something of a confused fugue over what has happened, with a band of homeless caring for him as if he were their king. Fleeing them he sets to wandering the city again, until, about noon, he is picked up by an attractive redhead in a red sports car who introduces herself as Victoria Hillard. Vicky gets him a coffee & takes her back to her apartment, where she feeds him and lets him get cleaned up, before explaining a few things to him (which proves challenging, given how oblivious and incredulous he proves to be to her explanations). The Spirits of the Hundred apparently have contracted her, a medium, to negotiate on their behalf. They want to thank him for their release, and want his help as their agent in releasing their Unshaken God. They own him, and want him happy. Unable to digest this, Angus again takes off (though this time with her card).
p. Meanwhile the rest of the gang has been going about their return to a routine & some semblance of sanity. Jaik finds himself mostly healed, and ends up taking a half-day, while T.J. puts in some overtime, though not before giving his mom a call to ask her to send him grampa Brown’s old steamer-trunk (ostensibly for a film shoot, but honestly still trying to find more clues regarding his involvement in the Antumbra Association), which should hopefully arrive by the end of the week. Athene, having stayed the night at the Carfax Hotel, heads out for a morning jog, in hopes of seeing if she may yet slip back in to check on her shop. She instead finds the barricaded area have moved up to a full block surrounding the Mall, and it has now been manned by National guardsmen.
p. Angus finds some members of the six-pack hanging out, and they fall in to “protect” him. He soon realizes that they too have fallen under the Hundred’s sway, which makes things even dicier when they run into Athene, and the spirit-ridden gangbangers begin chasing her as one of the “Enemy.” She manages to escape them by running up to the barricades and calling on the guards for protection, wherein the 6-pack make themselves scarce, and she waits there until The Count can swing by to pick her up.
p. The rest of the afternoon Jaik & Athene work with Leland and his collective to firm up the defenses of the hotel “Abbey” (the basement becoming their fallback haven). By nightfall Watson has swung around as well, and marvels at how well Jaik has healed. Leland realizes somehow that Nichole “wants” him, so he takes his leave suddenly, though Jaik follows and the pair get in the limo waiting outside. Soon at a high-rise apartment-building downtown, they meet with Nichole, who is only a little put out that Jaik followed along. Jaik ends up waiting for an hour as Nichole takes the Count off and after some love-play, makes him a ghoul. Afterward, Nichole admits she has little understanding of what Jaik is, but tells him the house that was trashed the previous evening used to be his. She then has the limo take them back to Leland’s hotel, as she has other business to attend to -apparently a rival, Sheriff Adan Carr, has been humiliated by recent events, and she hopes to make some advantage of it.
p. They return just as a vaguely familiar batch of bikers are doing a stare-down with Leland’s crew. Things quickly go south however, as they prove to be the Lupe de Cheval, the werewoves from the other night, who have swung by for a little chat with Jaik. Their leader, Van Luven finds out that this may somehow all be Jaik’s fault, and looses his temper, monstering out, scaring off the rest of the gang. By the time they manage to muster the nerve to return, the pack is gone and Jaik is scattered across the street.
p. Jaik finds he’s not quite done for however, waking up in a shadow-world paralleling our own. His first acquaintance proves to be a spirit calling itself Allykat, and after introductions the cat-like specter offers to serve as his page and lead him to someone who can help him pull himself together. He agrees, and it takes him to the Night King, a giant Owl-spirit that lives in a massive Oak in a shadowy woodland some distance away. The Night King remembers him, and agrees to restore him and tell him a bit about himself, presuming he will in turn serve the King (which Jaik readily agrees to do). The King “fixes” his tattoo, replacing the odd broken serpent with an Owl-like mark, and knowledge flows back (though not memories), as he is restored to his power as a Purified, a true Immortal. The King explains that he once served the Serpent King of the Great Lakes, but was banished for trying to run off with the Snake King’s daughter (the “White Lady of Belle Island”). Now that he is restored, he will act as a Knight of the Night Kingdom, and act as his man in the physical world.
p. Back in the physical realm the gang does their best to gather up what’s left of Jaik in garbage bags, when Alleykat appears, and tells them to bring his remains to the park about two miles away. Doing so they dig a ditch and pour out his remains, and are understandably shocked to see those remains knit themselves back together and Jaik return to life. Jaik calms them (though not so much with his explanations of what just happened).
p. Athene also has a bit of news, however, having had a vision earlier that night of Angus having returned to his home above the Castle Mall with Vicky, of him telling the Hundred that what he wants is to “play with the wWerewolves,” and of how the Jester-faced spirit told him he would make him a “Holy Knight” so he could do just that, and the climbed INSIDE him…

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Psychic Single-Minded 11 + 6 = 17
T.J. Brown Key Grip 6 + 5 = 11
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Embarrassing Secret 16 + 6 = 22
Jaik Mkor Mystery Man Immortal Amnesia 12 + 7 = 19
Angus McCaffrey Dilettante Paranormal Detective Forgetful 4 + 6 = 10
John Watson Doctor Ghoul - 3 + 4 = 7
Ch. 3: All Hallows Eve
Act I: The Apocalypse Box

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

The gang wakes at their own pace. T.J. drags Jaik down to the emergency room to have his wounds looked at when he complains of irritation. Intern John Watson examines him and is shocked to see Jaik’s wounds fully healed – the irritation is from the staples & stitches still in the injuries, so he removes them, and the marks where they were are fully healed while his back is turned. Afterwards T.J. lets Jaik talk him into buying him a trench-knife with all the survivalist trimmings in the handle. Meanwhile, Athene goes for a jog, but with the Castle Mall crawling with cops, firemen, arson inspectors, FBI, bomb squads, etc., there’s no way for her to make her way in to check out her storefront, so she heads back. Afternoon comes and Jaik & Athene help Leland with repairs around the hotel, while T.J. stops off at his apartment to pick up hhis dog Kujo & calls on a friend in the camera business and asks for a favor – could he check out the authenticity of a photo if he sends it to him?

That night they agree to go with Athene back to investigate the old Victorian house where the Box was found, and to that end to pick up her van back at the Mall, presuming they can get in. Leland sees the place STILL crawling with Feds and related agencies, so they drive on to Jaiks to pick up a few things (so he can “hunt,” as he puts it), where they find Mr. Watson. Watson is concerned over the healing time and is checking up on things to make sure the paperwork is straight (and whether or not Jaik has the recuperative powers he claims), and they end up convincing him to join them on their Halloween outing of breaking in to a possibly haunted house. T.J. rents a moving van for Athene (who’s principle motive now is to salvage vintage furniture, as opposed to finding clues, which is everyone else’s goal), and they head on over to the 8 Mile strip where the house is located.

While getting out in front of the house they notice a light on upstairs in the house (Watson notes it’s a flashlight, and spots the figure holding it). Jaik also notes, with an impending sense of danger, a weird bug-like vehicular creature coming down the street, and shouts for everyone to seek cover. While T.J. & Athene dodge under the truck, and Watson & Jaik head off to either side of the house, Leland sprints on to take concealment on the porch. Only Jaik can see the thing come down the street, shine it’s light on Leland and move forward, so only he responds, charging it, knife out, leaping and screaming for the others to run. The entity proves intangible, so he falls through it, and it in turn honks loudly (though only he can hear), and shuffles back to merge with the Truck, which turns on and begins to move of its’ own accord. Athene & T.J. manage to roll out from underneath, avoiding its’ tires, while Leland narrowly leaps out of the way before it rams it’s way through the house. Jaik narrowly becomes roadkill when a blur zips out of the house to snatch him up and away. As the monstrosity pulls itself back out a red sports-car zips up, driven by none other than Nichole Meade, with Jaik confusedly in the passenger’s side, yelling for them to get in. The next several minutes revolve around the Thing chasing them across town, until, rather than driving through a line of trick-or-treaters, they spin around and head straight back at it. As Nichole spins her car around it, Leland takes a shot to pop out one of its’ tires, while Jaik leaps from the car to land on the cab, stabbing in with his knife (and thus giving him purchase to hold on). The Thing rears up like a centipede, smashing him into the side of a building (where he hears his ribs crack), and while its’ distracted, Nichole rams it with her car. This proves too much for it, and the mutated van begins to collapse (though Jaik can see the bug-machine spirit leave it’s mechanical host, threatening to return soon with friends now that it knows where he may be found).

As they pull Jaik off and marvel at his injuries, Nichole tells them she can fill in some holes in what Jaik has forgot, but only if he’s willing to meet her price (she’s already done him too many favors as it is). He states it’s up to the others, and as only Leland & Watson agree to her price, she only gives them half of what she knows (her price? they are now “hers”): Jaik is, as far as she knows, immortal – he can’t die (or if he can, she doesn’t know what could do him in). He also made the Box, and put the Hundred in it, and it was his house that was just demolished. He was a member of the Antumbral Association, as was she, possibly its’ founding member, and had a lot of pull on the “other side” – perhaps he still might, as he apparently had a powerful patron in that world. He also was rivals within the Association with Athene’s father. Their best hope is to find out how to unlock his lost memories, but how to do that is not amongst the things she can tell them. The Hundred holds all the members of the Antumbral Association at fault though, and will take their vengeance on not just them, but on their kin as well (which gives Leland a snicker, since he and Watson thus don’t count).

After dropping Jaik & T.J. off at their apartments, she asks of both Watson & Leland “Are you a Soldier, or a Civilian?” Both decide they’re Soldiers, so she takes Watson home with her, leaving Leland for later, dropping him and Athene back at the hotel. Watson she then entrances, cut open her wrist, and makes him drink. Athene sits up a bit longer to send off an e-mail to her old antiquing mentor about clues over Jaik’s origins regarding his clothes in the photo, and wakes up her step-parents to try and get word about how to find her father, though the high point of her late night investigations comes with a vision of the bloody battlefield that is the ruins of the Castle Mall, where the Hundred are butchering every cop, SWAT officer, gangbanger, werewolf, vampire or other foolish enough to get in their way as they leave. She also spots some mysterious folks hanging out by an SUV taking video-footage, but the vision ends when, as spirits approach, one raises his hand, and flames spring from their tips like they were candles…

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Psychic Single-Minded 8 + 3 = 11
T.J. Brown Key Grip 3 + 3 = 6
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Embarrassing Secret 13 + 3 = 16
Jaik Mkor Mystery Man Immortal Amnesia 8 + 4 = 12
Angus McCaffrey Dilettante Paranormal Detective Forgetful 4 + 0 = 4
John Watson Doctor Ghoul - 3
Our story so far...
Act I: The Apocalypse Box

Chapter One: Pandora’s Box (10/28/10)

Two days before Devil’s Night, Athene buys an ornate little chest from a homeless druggie coming in, hoping for a quick buck. Paying far more than he expects (but far less than what she thinks it’s worth), she ferrets out of him the address of where he “found” it, and gets his agreement to keep an eye out for similar finds, before tucking it away on a shelf.

Later that day Angus swings by, as does Jaik (the latter here on an errand for the film-company). Both notice the strange box on the shelf (but only Jaik gets an uneasy sense of foreboding, as his shoulder – where his marred tattoo rests – aches terribly), and Angus buys it on the spot, no questions asked. After the box “breaks” Athene’s skeleton key, he & Jaik take it off to a proper locksmith (Angus desperate to know what is inside, Jaik wishing he didn’t), while Athene takes off to find out what else might be found at the dilapidated house where it was found.

Athene explores the old Victorian period house, clearly abandoned for years, possibly decades, and notes it too has similar markings to the box. After taking many photos and looking over surviving bits of furniture, she heads back to the Castle Mall just in time for when the Locksmith finally breaks the latch open, and all feel as if a wave of pressure has been released. In the box are an assortment of oddities, including a shriveled heart, a stake, a metal plate (with the words “Castle Dracula” on it), two ornate puzzle-boxes (one a ball, one an egg), a wooden duck, a journal and a photo. The journal is in some cipher, and so set aside, but the photo is what catches the most attention. Apparently taken in the mid-1940s, it seems to be a wedding picture, with two men in uniform. A beautiful woman in a wedding dress sits before them, while another man in an archaic tuxedo, and a lady in waiting stand to one side. Most startling are the men in uniform – one Athene identifies as her father, while the other looks identical to Jaik. While they wonder if this might be his father or even grandfather, Jaik admits to his amnesia, and that this is the first evidence of any history prior to several months ago, when he washed up onto the Lake Michigan shore. Angus takes his prizes home, stopping briefly to give the local gang, the “6-pack,” a little financial incentive to protect the Mall from other gangs come Devil’s Night, while Jaik and Athene get back to work.

That night both Athene and Jaik have the same dream, though Jaik is the active participant (Athene merely observes invisibly). In the dream Jaik stands naked at the edge of an overcast Lake Michigan, everything in shades of gray. Across the waters rests an island, where he can hear crying, and sees a woman in white wandering the opposite shore. On his shoulder his tattoo is complete, and glows brightly (though he still cannot make out what it is). He leaps into the water, and struggles to swim to the island, but as he approaches, many eels, snakes and serpents swim out to block his way. Each time they approach though, the tattoo glows brightly and they retreat, until he has nearly reached the island. But there a huge sea serpent rises from the waves, and with a flick of it’s tongue, his tattoo shatters, and he (and Athene) suddenly awake.

Athene comes to in her shop (where she had again fallen asleep after work), and hears someone outside. The lights in the Mall are out (which they shouldn’t be), and the figure approaches the window suddenly, placing hands on the pain. Each hand has a mouth filled with gnashing teeth, as does the face. She suddenly awakes, again, still in her shop in the Mall, though now the lights are on, and there is a scolding Mall security guard telling her to be on her way.

The next day they talk with Angus and after a little research and memory searching, recall local folk-tales relating to an Indian myth regarding a Snake King who imprisoned his daughter on Belle Island, who may be the same as a ghost of an Indian girl murdered there by the Indian Warrior who courted her and found her having an affair with a colonial soldier, the ghost still seen by lovers who go to make out on the island as “the Lady in white.” Jaik takes Athene out for coffee, and as they are getting to know each other they are interrupted by an axe-wielding homeless man smashing through the window. Babbling about him being a “Duke no more,” and how the “Hundred” are coming and soon the “Unshaken God” will awake, the madman chases them out into the street, giving Jaik several cuts before being hit by oncoming traffic. As Jaik watches, smoke pours out of the man’s mouth and dissipates. After he’s taken to the hospital to have stitches, the pair drop by Angus’ home, where he offers to give them sanctuary during Devil’s Night.

Chapter Two: Devil’s Night (10/30/10)

After only working a half-day, Jaik brings T.J. up to date about the last few day’s trying events. T.J. notes faint embossing on the back of Jaik’s mystery photo that he thinks could be names, so they swing by Athene’s Antiques shop at the Castle Mall to see if she has the necessary supplies to make the words clearer. While there meet regular customer “Count” Leland Murphy, eccentric owner of Hotel Carphax just down the street. He seems intrigued and invites them to his “Devil’s Night” party come sundown. Each is perplexed to realize, as the names on the photo become clear, some relation or new detail they’d missed before: Jaik’s name (according to the picture) is Colin Oakes, while T.J. realises the well dressed gentleman is his grandfather, Rudolfo Brown, and Leland (looking over their shoulder) mistakes it all for a well-done Cosplay prop as the woman in the far right is a regular to his events, Nichole Meade. The woman in the wedding dress is names Gail Farley, while Athene’s father is listed as Byron Weaver.

Before heading off to the party, Anthene, T.J. & Jaik dress up and go bar-crawling for several hours. By the time they hit Hotel Carphax, Athene at least is well-marinated, while T.J. has brought along a large number of the tech and costume crew from work. While at the party Jaik begins having a series of odd encounters, ranging from a ghostly little girl wanting her mommy to a 12 foot tall, fez-wearing cockroach eating vicariously through other party-goers. The Fez-wearing roach seems quit startled to see “the Duke,” and promises to leave come morning if he will leave him be. Strangest of all is his run-in with Nichole Meade, who clearly remembers him (possibly intimately as she reintroduces herself by giving him one heck of a kiss) but is otherwise vague as to how they could both be in a picture from the ’40s.

Further discussion is brought up short when a pack of Werewolves on the hunt burst through the windows, trashing the place in their pursuit of joyriding spirits such as the fez-wearing cockroach who (like every Lunacy-driven party-goer) flees as quickly as possible. Having had some forewarning from the still drunk (and now entranced) Athene’s screams that “the wolves are coming,” Jaik and Nichole try to head the wolves off with words while everyone else stampedes from the room. Confused over what, exactly, Jaik is (except “Old,” according to Nichole), as well as Nichole’s mentioning something about them breaking the “Truce,” they decide to take their wild hunt back outside.

Jaik chases after them, as they head off towards the Castle Mall, where he finds them shortly, and not alone. The Castle Mall has become a warzone, the Werewolves heavily outnumbered by strange Spirits of alien and horrific aspect. He gains the special attention of a powerful Joker-faced spirit who calls him “Duke-no-more” and giggles about the release of “the Hundred” and the coming of “the Unshaken God,” before giving him another gruesome cut across his chest. The leader of the pack leaps between them, however, and the Joker-faced spirit (along with the rest of his little army) retreats, popping like so many soap-bubbles. The alpha turns human, and briefly introduces himself as Van Luven and states they should talk soon, before he and the rest of his pack again become wolves and dash away before firemen and the police arrive.

Returning to the Carphax, where Leland and company are picking up the peaces, he does his best to tell them what happened, while they in turn wonder how badly he’s lost his mind. T.J. drags him off to the Hospital (again), while Leland escorts Athene back to the Mall to see what can be salvaged (and keep her from running in to the burning building to save what she can of her shop). By the wee-hours of the morning they all again return to the Hotel to commiserate (and listen to more of Jaik’s “delusional ravings”).

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Psychic Single-Minded 4 + 4
T.J. Brown Props Manager 3
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Embarrassing Secret 10 + 3
Jaik Mkor Man with a past ? Amnesia 4 + 4
Angus McCaffrey landlord Forgetful 3 + 1

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