Attractive middle-aged caucasian man with dark hair and a receding hairline, well groomed and often accompanied by a St Bernard named Cujo.


Terence Jacob Winslow Browne, Teejay to his friends, was born August 17, 1970, in Los Angeles, California. His early childhood was spent living in the city of Los Angeles, with summers spent with his grandparents out in Pasadena. While his home life seemed idyllic enough, his father, an accountant for one of the major Hollywood studios, grew restless and eventually left the family, sending divorce papers from Zimbabwe. After an amiable divorce, the family house was sold, and Teejay’s mother Margery went back to her previous career as a hotel event coordinator. For the rest of his youth, Teejay and his siblings Leroy and Gerald lived out of hotels in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other resort locations.

After High School, Teejay apprenticed with the Electrician’s Union, aided by his uncle Guido who was a studio gaffer. Teejay recalls fond memories of his apprenticeship, eighteen years old and travelling the world as a lighting technician. His first big break in the industry was to be a part of the technical crew for “Dick Tracy”. His skills were recognised by Warren Beatty, and while his technical credits for the film are only as a third light assistant, Teejay made several important contacts and impressed his superiors with his talent for lighting a scene.

in 1998, Teejay met his future ex-wife Charlene at Paul Fried’s stunt camp, where he was working to get accredited to do falls. Charlene was a teaching assistant at the camp, already an accomplished stuntperson liscensed to do falls and motorcycle stunts. Charlene was initially unimpressed with Teejay, having become accustomed to admiring young men falling madly in love with her after she would hurl them off of tall buildings. Trust is a powerful aphrodesiac. Undaunted, Teejay pressed his suit, and discovered that she was a beginning-level rock climber. As a ‘B’ level rock climber, he offered to get her supervised access to more difficult climbs, and from there their romance began to bloom.

Teejay and Charlene were married in 2000, on a cruise ship headed for Sydney, Australia. Their honeymoon was spent experiencing the natural wonders of Australia, including an opportunity to bungee jump off of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Unfortunately, things were not to be, and by 2004 their relationship was beginning to show signs of strain. He was focusing more on photography and theatrical lighting, and she was beginning to work on her credentials for fire-stunts. Their agreement to stay together began to fall apart as she became part of an elite subset of the stunt-work community, in demand on shoots taking place around the world, forcing Teejay to fly out with her in order to honor their agreement, thus putting his own career on hold. He wanted to stay closer to home, save money, buy a house, and start a family after the traditional mode of the American Dream. Charlene, however, was just getting to the top of her game, and did not want to sacrifice her career while her star was still in ascent. By 2006, the divorce had been finalized, under less than amicable circumstances.

Never fully recovered from his divorce, Teejay has focused on his career. For the last three years, he has been the principle lighting technician for True Blues, a police action drama airing in Canada. Originally shot in Toronto, the film crew has only recently moved to Detroit, where the director, Michael St Sebastian, is hoping to capture a more cinema verite feel for the show. To this end, he shoots in the most picturesque squalor he can find.


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