Russel Beyard de Tremer

A slack, smirking red-headed lad with short hair frosted blond at the tips.


Russel is older than he looks. A lot older. Not much is known of his life in Europe, before the French revolution, except that he was part of the Dynastic House Tremer. He arrived in Detroit sometime before 1820, and claimed the city for the Invictus (earning him the title of “Duke of Detroit” amongst Invictus circles), and ruled the Kindred here for almost a century and a half (most of that time under the Middlemen Accord). He lost his grip on the city during the White Flight of the ’50s & ’60s to the Carthians and their alliance with the Antumbral Association. Too powerful to kill outright, he settled in Windsor as “Prince Baron,” holding on bitterly to his position as the eldest Ventrue and most prominent member of his Covenant, forcing the Carthian Primers to accept his presence as a member of the Primogen.

His respect comes out of a general fear of his potency, yes, and that he is an unabashed psychopath who, under his tenure as Prince, had no trouble putting entire Coteries to the torch. But his greatest strength comes from his most mysterious, and powerful, ability: he can control FIRE!

Russel Beyard de Tremer

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