Renfield to Leland's Dracula


William Jacoby is a 27 year old man who lived an unremarkable life, seemingly destined to exist in faceless anonymity as a cog in the business machine, until his life changed the day he met Count Leland. Formerly a mild mannered and serious-minded young man from a blue-collar family, he studied business in college, eventually moving on to become a CPA, but never really standing out. He was never close friends with anybody, spending most of his time reading books and existing, Walter Mitty like, in a world of his own fantasies.

About five years ago, while attending a Hammer film festival, he met a charismatic man dressed in the classical mode of golden-age Dracula. They began talking between films, and quickly became friends. Jacoby admired Count Leland for having the courage to live out his fantasies, and in a moment of enthusiasm, offered to help Leland with a dream of his, to bring his night-life persona of the Count to the internet as a character in short subject films. These early video clips led to the creation of the Crypt of Carfax website, which was originally envisioned as an almost Addams Family esque homage to the original Count Dracula. This changed when Leland invited a young woman back to the warehouse loft he shared with Jacoby to film the apparant seduction of an innocent and subsequent feeding. This film generated intense fan interest, and eventually led to the creation of a pay site devoted to adult content focusing on vampire fetish and blood play.

It was around this time that Mina joined the household, after answering a want ad for new models for the adult site. Mina had already interacted with Leland and Jacoby indirectly through the Van Helsing Society, which they are all members in, and the three of them immediately hit it off. Together, they purchased the Century Arms, an old and decrepit abandoned hotel in Detroit’s East Side neighborhood, which they have since been renovating for use as a physical location for the Crypts of Carfax.

Jacoby has adopted the role of Renfield in counterpoint to Leland’s Dracula homage. After being introduced to the S&M scene, he has discovered that he is a service-oriented submissve, but completely heterosexual in his personal leanings. He is therefore a submissive-slave to Leland, but their dynamic is entirely non-sexual in nature. He is sexually and romantically involved with Laetitia, Count Leland’s second “bride”, who sexually torments and dominates Jacoby while remaining submissive in her relationship to Leland. Laetitia and Jacoby also have a “vanilla” relationship, going out on dates as a couple, in part because Laetitia is not comfortable with friends and family knowing about this aspect of her life.

It is somewhat ironic that, in giving up his career as an accountant to live a life based on his fantasies, Jacoby has actually become better off financially as well as socially. He now has friends and lovers, the website which he mantains generates good income through subscription memberships and ala carte movie sales, and he has more respect for himself as well. He is honestly happy to live his life pretending to be a deranged lunatic in service to an undead master, who is himself nothing more than a man in a tuxedo playing pretend. Their fantasies bind them together and give a sense of puspose and unity to their lives.


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