The third Bride of Leland. Small, slender, pale blonde russian girl with bright blue eyes.


Strength 1
Dexterity 2
Stamina 3

Intelligence 3
Wits 1
Resolve 3

Presence 3
Manipulation 4
Composure 3

Academics 2 (spec: Vampires)
Medicine 1
Occult 1 (Spec: Vampires)
Politics 1

Larceny 1
Stealth 1
Weaponry 1

Animal Ken 1
Expression 3
Persuasion 2 (Spec: Seduction)
Socialize 1

Striking Looks (2)
Language: English (2)
Language: German (1)
Language: French (1)
Resources (1)
Relationship: Leland (3)
Relationship: Mina (2)
Relationship: Jacoby (1)
Relationship: Latitia (1)

Majesty 2
Animalism 1


Ekatarina Kurylenko was born in Zaraysk, a remote suburban town in Russia near Moscow. She was a Glasnost baby, born suring the tumultious period that led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Her father, Vasily, was a supporter of Gennadi Yanyev, and died during the coup attempt to overthrow Gorbachev. Ekatarina was born three months later, and was raised by her mother and maternal grandmother.

After the death of her mother in 2006, Ekatarina began to look for some way to escape from her impoverished life in rural Russia. She applied to a matchmaking service which offered to broker arranged marriages between young Russian women and wealthy men in the United States. The company helped her to acquire a passport, and arranged to transport her to New York on a work visa, where she was set up in a hair-dressing salon that employed members of the agency. The salon was little more than a thinly disguised escort service, and Ekatarina found herself deeply in debt to the manager of the service, with little hope of escape unless some gentleman offered to pay her debts by buying her contract.

in 2009, Ekatarina met Count Leland when he was in New York to attend an event sponsored by the Van Helsing Society and the New York Vampire Book Club. It was a chance encounter on the street, as she was going home for the evening, and Leland happened to have gotten lost while looking for the event. She was surprised to have a strange man in an archaic tuxedo ask her where the Vampire’s Ball was taking place. When she told him she did not know, he persuaded her to accompany him – or to at least accept a ride, as the streets could be dangerous for an attractive young woman like herself. In the car with him were two other attractive women – Mina and Laetitia – both dressed in similar fashion to the Count himself. They convinced Ekatarina to accompany them to the ball, and soon became friends. By evening’s end, ‘Kat’ had agreed to pose as a model for the Count’s website, seeing the dim possibility of making enough money to pay her debts to the service that held her passport and visa.

Ever the sucker for damsels in distress, Count Leland offered to personally loan Ekatarina the money she needed to pay off her debts. In exchange, she agreed to work as a model to help repay him. Ekatarina has proven to be an extremely popular model, and the money made from subscriptions to her personal website and video blog have made enough money to ampy repay what she owes the Count. While she is not a deep afficionado of the vampire lifestyle, she feels deeply indebted to her new family, and has taken it upon herself to study every aspect of the subculture. She has in essence become the in-house archivist and librarian, voraciously reading everything she can about vampires, from dense works of scholarly lore to the trashiest of romance novels. Her knowledge of all things vampire-related is nothing short of encyclopaedic, but there is no sorting fact from fiction for her within the subject.

Leland has discovered that Ekatarina is particularly susceptible to hypnotism, falling easily into a trance-like state. He has been attempting to refine this talent through behavioral conditioning, to make her more susceptable to his own commands while refusing the commands of anyone else.


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