Altair Nemazi

A tall, olive-skinned daughter of the desert.


Altair is tall (5’9") and fit, though soft in the right places (160-ish pounds); her toned but generous appearance suggests that she uses some variety of dance to maintain her shape (this belly dancer offers the right impression)). Hunting behavior notwithstanding, her carriage is confident and upright, her demeanor dignified but open and friendly; she is certainly not above employing overtly sexual, suggestive body language when hunting but is a very clear deviation from her normal comportment.

Altair maintains meticulous hygiene and presentation, preferring to use carefully chosen hair styles and minimal make-up to accentuate her natural looks. Her attire is, in general, business casual with eye to emphasizing her figure instead of simply putting acres of bare flesh on display; sweater dresses, leggings, and boots (thigh or slouch, depending on her mood) are her favorite combination, though a low-cut black cocktail dress is more serviceable for hunts. Neither striking like a vogue model nor so plain as the girl next door, Altair’s sensuous presentation and buxom figure draw their share of admiring looks.

Altair Nemazi

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