Ch. 10: Wolves at the Door

Act III: Dark Side of the Moon

9pm: Leaving Deerborn behind to stalk the Werewolf at the graveyard, Leland rushes the distraught Dancer back to the party, along with Erikson & the Paranormalists. They return to find Altair & the Brides have everything at the party well under control and in full swing. Teejay is still keeping Athene company (and out of trouble), though she is getting ever more stressed-out over this mysterious figure to whom Nichole has promised her. Nichole herself seems to have situated herself in the Red Room with the Honeymooners, where she seems to have placed herself at the heart of an orgy. Newcomer Masau manages to pull himself out of the pleasure to stumble downstairs to the bar for a drink, but finds himself sans clothes (he’s been loosing things all day – his wallet, the friend who invited him, and now his pants!) – he runs into Leland, who takes pity on him and lends him leather pants and one of his tuxedo tee-shirts. He, Leland, Athene, Erikson & Teejay all get acquainted at the bar while the Paranormalists retreat to the basement to do more research (and get their heads on strait and call the authorities), while Erikson disappears into the Lab to fetch his outfit and get distracted by willing volunteers. Vicky appears, thanking Athene for the invitation, and asks where Jaik is. Athene bargains a bit with her over what she’s been able to discern, and Vicky in turn tells her the “mystery woman” is in the Hotel and plans on making her move tonight. Victoria then takes her leave.
10pm: Masau encounters the strange Shriner car zipping about the party and hops inside while eating. After stuffing himself for a while he gets out and chats with Leland, who tells him of how it’s really remote controlled by Jacoby. Teejay and Athene retreat to barricade themselves upstairs for a while, but Athene finds it difficult to stay holed up for long. Meanwhile Jaik, still locked up in the Chemical Plant, and still leaving his body in a coma while he works on a way to escape in the Shadowlands, sees an approaching light. Victoria approaches, accompanied by a will-o-wisp of light, and she offers to help him get free, and even reveal to him certain truths, if he can keep the source of them a secret. He does, and she soon manifests within the mortal world, inside the cell, and reveals more than he had ever suspected: he is, apparently a descendant of Atlantis. After Atlantis sank thousands of years ago, survivors scattered across the world, and some settled here. In the region eventually to be known as Detroit they encountered the Unshaken God, a monster they bound deep in the earth. It was after that they discovered the Elixir of Immortality, and created rites with it that created the first Purified amongst them. Much later war broke out between them and local Indian tribes, resulting in the slaughter and destruction of their colony. So they retreated for hundreds of years into hidden towers in the Shadowlands, and did not return until the arrival of the europeans and the supernaturals that came with them. It was Jaik M’kor, the “Duke of Detroit,” who forged the Accord that created the peace between Vampires and Werewolves, Mages and Spirits, and it was the Purified who served as the middlemen that kept that peace. But a conspiracy grew, the Antumbra Association, which discovered their secrets, and betrayed them, seizing power over 50 years ago, setting Jaik up against the Snake King to destroy him, and when that failed, Nichole somehow had someone steal his memories. She and the others amongst the Triumvirate took control of their various factions, ruling themselves for decades in a loose peace, a peace that has been crumbling ever since. Now that Nichole has lost her post as “Prince” amongst the vampires and the support of her allies amongst the Triumvirate, some sort of civil war is brewing, one that is likely to end what is left of the Accord.
11pm: Leland, having slipped off to enjoy the orgy, finds himself the subject of Nichole’s Embrace, and he is not the only one. His Brides, along with the honeymooning Logans, have all been turned as well, and within the confines of the Red Room the blood flows freely and all are rosy and full. Slipping out to tend to the party and exalt in his new state, he is immediately accosted by Athene and struggles to assure her, though against what and how so he is not sure. Jaik and Vicky return through strange ways, arriving in an abandoned room upstairs, and come down to the joy and relief of his friends. After he grabs a bite to eat and a shower (and persuades the Paranormalists to leave the basement for a better vantage point to protect the Hotel from what ever disaster they seem sure is coming), he joins Athene and Erikson in trying to find ways to defend her, but eventually gets so annoyed that she won’t accept his heavy handed help (which would involve leaving her handcuffed to something, possibly himself, possibly to the structure, and homemade napalm – a compound Erikson seems to think he can just whip up in the kitchen in short order), that he announces she’s on her own and leaves, taking Leland’s shotgun with him. Teejay, having taken a break from Athena-watching, is getting to know Vincent and Vicky at the bar, when Altair finally takes her cue to make her own childe, having spotted her sires new childer stalking the party. Lazily approaching the bar, she grabs Teejay when he turns to greet her and plants a mighty kiss on him as an “apology” for how she’d been treating him of late, before dragging him off upstairs. He fails to put up much resistance as she goes all out to show him a good time, then at peak grants him the Embrace. The pillow talk after leaves him less than thrilled, as the full weight of what she’s done to him sinks in. Vincent has a curious conversation with Vicky, and bemused, Vicky shares with him the secret about the shriner car and his earlier hunger (Arthur the giant spirit cockroach). Outside the Hotel, an upset Jaik begins walking towards the park where the Night King resides, and when he notices a gangbanger snatched into the darkness of a nearby ally, he shouts out the werewolves can have the vampires of the Cafax – as far as he’s concerned, their the ones who broke the Accord, so the Pack is welcome to them!
Midnight: The lights go out, and howls go up outside the Hotel. Panic ensues! Vicky thanks the Count for a wonderful party, steps into a shadow and vanishes. Masau asks Leland if he has a sword handy (mentioning something about being a Kendo instructor in his spare time), and is directed to the Library. While he’s there, searching for the sword, he is surprised by Skinny who, after a brief conversation, persuades him to accept his “gift” to better fight (or flee) the werewolves. With Masau’s agreement, Skinny takes him up, and gives him his own, frightening Embrace.

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Psychic Single-Minded 2+3+3+4=12
Teejay Brown Key Grip Vampire (Daeva) 3+3+3+3=12
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Vampire (Daeva) Embarrassing Secret 4+4+3+3=14
Jaik Mkor Mystery Man Immortal (Purified) Amnesia 4+0+0+4=8
John Watson Doctor Ghoul - 2+0+0+0=2
Altair Reserved Academic Vampire (Daeva) - 3+3+2+3=11
Donto Brickhouse - - RIP
Deerborn Gunslinger Vampire (Mekhet) - 0+0+3+0=3
Professor Erikson Mad Scientist Slasher (Maniac) - 0+0+3+3=6
Masau Esoteric Dabbler Vampire (Nosferatu) - 3=3


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