Ch. 16: Through Dungeons Dark...

Act V: Madman's Gambit

Andrew Lockhart, a blogger on subjects occult & strange, has come to Detroit at the behest of Agent Massey (a contact he’d made back in Point Pleasant while investigating Mothman sightings) to lend a hand. Between Massey’s encounter with Vampires a few weeks back, and his own curiosity over the Drug-dealing Werewolves reported on by fellow Midnight Sun alumni amongst the Paranormalists, he is eager to start his investigations.

He doesn’t remember when he arrived in town, and is a little confused when he awakens, dressed as a medieval priest, one of almost a dozen people laying on the cold stone floor of an archaic dungeon corridor. Only one other is awake, a well-built girl in leather armor, who seems just as confused. Above them floats a burning sphere of ever shifting colors. More surprising is when it begins to speak. The sphere tells them that they (and the others still unconscious) have been chosen to free the Unshaken God, but first they must face the challenge of the great Paladin Angus, Champion of the Hecatomb, and prove themselves worthy. The orb then vanishes, and the others begin to wake.

Soon all are up, and introductions are made: besides Athene & Andrew, Leland & Raven are also there. Known to none are Sefer (a middle-eastern scholar & friend of Altairs’, here looking into her disappearance), Paul Brown (who’s resemblance to Teejay is supported by his revelation that he’s his younger brother, here in Detroit to see about handling his brother’s estate – his dog Bull is a litter-mate of Kujos as well), and a mysterious, monsterous, horn headed stranger (who is in truth Erikson, now horribly transformed as a Nosferatu, but unwilling to let on he’s the same fellow who gave Leland and company such trouble so recently). Each finds themselves similarly dressed in archaic clothes & medieval weaponry, as well as a note to guide them as to their “party role”:

  • Athene, party “Thief”
  • Andrew Lockheart is the party “Cleric”
  • Paul is a “Ranger”
  • Leland is a “Bard”
  • Sefer is a “Sorceror”
  • Raven is a “Druid”
  • & Erikson (using a false name, now that he’s “different” & desiring of being incognito to his old associates) is the party “Wizard.”

After a certain amount of bitching about their situation, they begin their exploration of the tunnels, noting that while the complex “seems” old, the construction is clearly new. Leland declares it is best if they all come clean, since everyone’s lives are on the line, placing Andrew under his protection as “his,” (and noting Athene is already claimed by another), so they can be open about their Vampire natures. Andrew & Athene digest this all rather well.

The way behind them is blocked by an airlock hatch, so they push forward. With only battery-powered Lamps & torches (set up to “look” archaic), they head slowly forward, until Athene (scouting ahead) discovers a secret door behind an alcove, and as the party debates which road to take, they are attacked by a hoard of extra-large rats. Raven & Paul try talking to them, only to find they are following the urgings of some other entity, so as the party dispatches them, the Kindred feed.

Moving on, ever taking turns to the right, they eventually come to a pair of doors, and decide to allow Andrew to try to summon back the glowing sphere (he found an invocation to him in his “Cleric’s Prayerbook”) to ask for some clarifications. His doing so reveals the sphere is some actually a sun spirit of some sort – prompting the vampires amongst them to struggle to hold on to their beasts or flee. Sefer fails and runs off into the darkness, followed by Paul seeking to find him & bring him back. The spirit tells them they must go “ever downwards” to find the Tomb of the Unshaken God, where the ancient Atlantians (including Jaik) imprisoned it, and that they are not the only ones released to free him. Werewolves have also been captured and released to perform this task. Whomever frees the Unshaken God will be well rewarded, up to and possibly including the gift of mortality! The God could break the curse, the sphere assures them, a reward that is more than enough motive for many of them.

After the sphere dissipates and Sefer & Paul’s return, they head through the rightmost door to find “orcs,” olive skinned, deformed men, armed with halberds and sporting chainmail, in what appears to be someone’s medieval bedroom. After a brutal fight that nearly kills Raven and a few others, they drive half of the “orcs” away and feed on the other two, realizing that these pitiful things were humans possessed and perverted by bestial spirits of the Hecatomb.

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Atlantian Psychic Dark Hero Single-Minded 3
Paul Brown Key Grip Vampire (Ventrue/Rötgraffen) 3
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Vampire (Daeva) - 3
Sefer Reserved Academic Vampire (Mekhet/Khaibit) - 3
Professor Erikson Mad Scientist Vampire (Nosferatu) - 3
Masau Esoteric Dabbler Vampire (Nosferatu) - 0
Raven Lug Vampire (Gangrel) Mute 4
Lockheart Occult Blogger Hunter (Les Mysteries) - 3


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