Ch. 13: Secret Masters of the Gentle Race

Act IV: Blood Relations

Deerborn awakes from torpor in a cold, sterile room, a stake just pulled from his heart and two nervous figures in bio-hazard suits (one with a flame-thrower, another with the stake). He controls his urges and a voice from a loudspeaker asks if he’s civil enough to talk, and would hear a business proposition. After his assent, two more enter the room. Professor Erikson (who he dimly remembers from the night chasing werewolves through the graveyard), and a well-dressed businessman wearing leather gloves and an immaculate smile calling himself Cliff Medrano. Cliff offers him a proposition: do some freelance work hunting werewolves for the Cheiron Group, or go back to the lab for more “research & development.” He agrees to to take the job.

After signing his limited employment contract and getting back his clothes & gun, he & Erikson leave the downtown offices to retrieve his belongings from Conrad Vilt, who passes on the invitation to meet with the Prince that Saturday. They also drop by the Carfax to let folks know he’s back (though not to explain his disappearance), and he lets slip to Leland that Erikson is in on the truth about the Kindred (a fact Leland is both suspicious and distrusting of). Athene is happy to see him, and in her mono-focused way gets right back to discussing business opportunities regarding antiquated firearms (a convenient break from her other new search for something known as “the Turk”). Back in Erikson’s van Deerborn persuades him to assist in his hunting, so the two nab several homeless to lock up in Erikson’s basement for him to feed on at his pleasure (and for Erikson to taunt).

Soon Saturday night arrives, and the Kindred of the Carfax Crew head downtown to the old GM building, where they meet with the rest of Nichole’s new brood. Together they are taken upstairs by Sheriff Carr up to a boardroom, where they watch as their sire is reprimanded for making so many children. Here they are introduced to the Primer of Detroit, Malik Hargrove, who proves much more relaxed and forgiving than they’d expected. Though Conrad is known to many of them (more as the ranking member of the Ordo Dracul than as the Gangrel Prisci), the other four at Malik’s table are not:

  • Russel Beyard de Tremer – the FIRST former Prince of the City, “Bayard the Bloody” is both Prisci for the Ventrue and ranking elder for the Invictus, heading up the Councel of Barons. He is also notorious for being a master of the Path of Flame’s Lure.
  • Baen Rouge – Prisci for the Nosferatu and first Kindred to arrive in what would some day become Detroit, Baen is the legendary “Red Dwarf” of folklore (at least as Malik tells it).
  • Sarah Haversham – Nichole’s slightly deranged sire and Daeva Prisci is also a member of the En bloodline, and VERY happy to see so many family of hers now loose in the city.
  • Noel – Malik’s own sire, the ranking Carthian and Mekhet Prisci is both quiet and unassuming, making her terrifying given the company she’s keeping.

After the Kindred are properly introduced, Malik acknowledges them and offers the childer of Nichole emancipation from their collective sire. Only the Paranormalists & Teejay take him up on his offer. They then are given the collective task to push the Werewolves out of the East Side. Succeed, and they will recive territories & feeding rights. Fail, and they’ll be presumed dead, so no one will care.

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Atlantian Psychic Dark Hero Single-Minded 3
Teejay Brown Key Grip Vampire (Daeva) 3
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Vampire (Daeva) - 3
Altair Reserved Academic Vampire (Daeva) - -
Professor Erikson Mad Scientist Slasher/Hunter (Maniac/Chieron Group) - 3
Masau Esoteric Dabbler Vampire (Nosferatu) - 3
Raven Lug Vampire (Gangrel) Mute 3
Deerborn Gunslinger Vampire (Mekhet) - 3


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