Ch.12: Resolutions

Act IV: Blood Relations

Over the next two months the Carfax Crew adapts to their new lives (or unlives, as the case may be). Nichole decides to split the Vampires into three Coteries:

  • Meade’s Posse (Mina, Ekaterina, Letisha, Barbara & Jack) act as Nichole’s personal court down-town.
  • The Paranormalists (Ambrose, Dancer, Ralph & Skinny) are hidden away to do research on strange goings-on.
  • The Carfax Crew (Count Leland, Altair, Teejay, Masau & Raven) are tasked with holding down territory in the East Side in and around the Carfax Hotel & dealing with local “problems.”

As Leland struggles out from under a mire of civil suits from the Pilgrim’s Progress fiasco (made easier by his own new gifts and those of his sires’), and Teejay adapts his work and lifestyle to his new situation, Masau chooses to join the Invictus and set up a dojo out in the Barrens of the East Side. Skinny releases him rather than associate with a Covenant he detests (though they separate amiably), and Masau debates the value of a feudal oath to Nichole vs. the freedom and hope for a better deal from his new friends in the Invictus (who wish for him to spy on Nichole’s plots). The three of them finally get together as things calm down to figure out a course of action, Masau pushing for a proactive stance against the werewolves, or at least a better set of negotiations than those of Jaik (another loose thread out there that has not been seen since that terrible night). They also try to figure out where the drugs the werewolves have may have come from, and how to disrupt their drug-trade. The drugs come from Smith-Novus Labs, here in Detroit’s East Side, and discus the possibilities of what to do about them (blowing the Lab up seems to take up much of their deliberations – a proposal very much endorsed by their associate mad scientist Prof. Erikson). They also discuss the marked rise of animal attacks and acts of road-rage in and around nights of the full moon in the East Side. All this talk is tabled when they have an impromptu visit by the Sheriff Adan Carr, who invites them to bring their Crew to present themselves to Primer Malik Hargrave this following Saturday.

Prof. Erikson & Athene have been having their own excitement in the last few months. Erikson is hired as a Field Researcher for the Chieron Group, who pay for a very special operation and give him a hefty signing bonus in return for his services, while Athene manages to get her own business back up and running out of the Carfax “Barn.” Worried about Deerborn (or at least his antique gun-business), whom none have seen since the Progress massacre, she spys out a vision, only to catch an ugly glimpse of his autopsy, or operation, where he is apparently being surgically flayed while staked in some sort of lab or hospital. The biohazard-protective-suit-wearing surgeons all are marked with the Cheiron Group logo…

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Atlantian Psychic Dark Hero Single-Minded 2
Teejay Brown Key Grip Vampire (Daeva) 3
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Vampire (Daeva) - 2
Altair Reserved Academic Vampire (Daeva) - -
Professor Erikson Mad Scientist Slasher/Hunter (Maniac/Chieron Group) - 2
Masau Esoteric Dabbler Vampire (Nosferatu) - 2
Raven Lug Vampire (Gangrel) Mute -


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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