Ch. 9: Pilgrim's Progress

Act III: Dark Side of the Moon

Friday, November 25th, 2010
3am – After everyone else is practically in bed, Altair gets a call from her Mentor amongst the Ordo Dracul, Conrad Vilt, that a distinguished member of the Order is arriving shortly at the train station at the behest of her Sire, and so it falls to her to pick him up and tend to his needs. With much grumbling she acquiesces, and after failing to persuade Leland to give her a ride and help her pick him up, she finally calls a cab. Athene gets her interest piqued and attaches herself, promising to help with cab-fair, and uses the time on the drive to dig a little deeper into the Carfax’s mysterious librarian. At the station they both make the acquaintance of Mr. Deerborn, who seems cool but gentlemanly, and takes Athene’s pestering questions with good grace, despite otherwise feeling rather “peckish,” and Athene apparently not on the menu. Altair first tries to dump him off at her Mentor’s Haven, a fact which seems to annoy him no end. He agrees to stash Deerborn’s possessions until he finds other accommodations, but insists Altair see him fed and housed before dawn. Altair drops him off at a sleazy bar with directions to a motel and abandons him, something Athene finds insulting, but allows as Deerborn insists it is ok. Once the two are off, he sets about hiring a pair of hookers for the remaining hours, sakes his thirst (leaving them both dangerously depleted) and kicks them out with enough time to sun-proof his motel room.
10am – Leland gets up to show his landscaper Donto what work he’d like to see around the Carfax, and Danto gets to see some of the odd inhabitants as they’re getting their first cup of coffee. Once he has Danto aimed at the shrubbery, he then meets with fellow enthusiast Professor Erikson, who’s passion for science, and capes, has led the Count to offer him one of the larger spare rooms for a Laboratory. The good Professor immediately decides the room must be rewired… and have Tesla coils!
Noon – Everyone pools together for lunch, and greet Teejay as he comes in, well dressed and ready to help get things up and running for tonight’s party. Leland finally gets a call back from Dancer McCoy, who would love to swing by later that afternoon for an interview and to discuss her story on the drug-dealing Werewolves of Detroit.
3pm – Donta, in going about his work, has noticed a variety of wierdos about the neighborhood, from the creepy legless Toyman Gilly who’s been panhandling in front of the Carfax all morning, to the black Van with suits keeping an eye on things, to the annoying wolf hounds running about, making every car in sight (including his own). When Dancer and the Paranormalists arrive to talk with Leland, Athene & Teejay attach themselves to the meeting to promote their own concerns over the werewolves abduction of Jaik. Leland chooses to invoke the Awe in everyone that was Nichole’s gift to him by blood, so the Paranormalists let much of their own information slide in favor of interviewing the Count, as what he has to say seems far more interesting than what they know. That being said, Dancer produces the drugs found in the graveyard, and her uncle asserts though he’s discerned it is LSD, he can’t tell what it’s cut with. Leland calls up Erikson, and the two Professors head off to the University to see what they can find out. In the meantime, Leland allows the Paranormalists to take over an empty room upstairs, as long as they stay out of the way of the party & don’t harass or film his guests at tonight’s party.
8pm – As folks begin arriving for the party, so too arise and arrive their hidden Kindred parasites. Deerborn arrives, impecably dressed, if archaically (not that anyone is likely to notice, given the nature of the party). The Professors return, having finished their analysis – the LSD is laced with an unusual, and unidentified, biological compound. While the makeup of the drug itself defies identification, the source does not – laced microscopically is the signature of local biopharmaceutical company Smith-Novus, who’s labs are curiously enough also in East Side Detroit. Dancer causes something of a stir when she storms up to her uncle with a note – apparently her cameraman slipped out to do some follow-up shooting back at the graveyard some hours ago and has yet to return! Concerned that the Werewolves may have got him, Dancer takes off, and Leland, Deerborn, Altair, Donta, Erikson & the Paranormalists follow to make sure they don’t get her too. Packing guns (and a small amount of silver shot), they zip over in Leland’s stretch-hum-vie, arriving at the graveyard just in time to hear blood-curdling screams! As they close in however the screams die out, and as they reach their source, they find a scene of carnage that make several ill. The grotesqueness and bloodiness of the cameraman’s demise proves too much for Donta, who runs off screaming into the wooded portion of the graveyard, while cooler heads study the scene. Ever bastions of stability in the face of the supernatural, the Paranormalists note evidence of wolf-spore and wolf-tracks, indicating the Loup Garou as the culprits. Meanwhile Donta attempts to hide, but is ambushed by Marrow Wolf. As the gang hears his screams and readies themselves to go charging after, his head comes flying back at them. By the time they reach his remains, the werewolf is long gone!

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Psychic Single-Minded 2+3+3=8
Teejay Brown Key Grip 3+3+3=9
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Ghoul Embarrassing Secret 4+4+3=11
Jaik Mkor Mystery Man Immortal (Purified) Amnesia 4+0+0=4
John Watson Doctor Ghoul - 2+0+0=2
Altair Reserved Academic Vampire (Daeva) - 3+3+2=8
Donto Brickhouse - RIP
Deerborn Gunslinger Vampire 0+0+3=3
Professor Erikson Mad Scientist Slasher 0+0+3=3


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