Ch. 15: High Noon

Act IV: Blood Relations

After Court had wrapped up, but before Erikson faces the music, Masau manages to get some face-time with both Baen & Russel, offering services and such. Baen quizzes him on his qualification on being a proper monster while eating crayons, eventually suggesting he join the other Nosferatu down in the Warrens bellow the city (for “Hide & Seek,” “Spin the Druggie,” and other less savory games). He finds Bayard the Bloody far less disturbing, and Bayard is willing to give him special considerations if he does a simple little favor – find him the Sword of Dracula!

Meanwhile (and many hours later) Altair heads home from work researching the same Sword for her own master Conrad and the Ordo Dracul, to find the Carfax destroyed. Not knowing where else to go & with no one answering their phone, she ends up heading to Teejay’s place. Finding no one home she breaks into the garage and conceals herself amongst the tarps in the back to sleep the day away. At dawn she fails to wake when Teejay arrives, frenzied and burning, to dump her unceremoniously out of her hiding spot and poorly take her place. Kujo follows him in, and is, like they, subsequently locked in by the door’s automatically closing.

Hours later, Athene awakes at the police station and decides to take her leave of their protection. The desk officer mentions an Agent Massey wishes to speak to her at her convenience. Worried about where she will live or work, she gives in and calls Angus, who invites her to meet for lunch to discuss options (he “misses” his old friend and promises she can have her old place back). He mentions all the work he’s been doing on the Castle Mall, the surrounding gated community of the Castle Village, and the Dungeons he’s been building bellow. He even hints he’s found a number of unique treasures to stock it, such as “The Turk.” Afraid however to go alone, Athene tries unsuccessfully to convince Jacobi to join her, and none of her now nocturnal friends even answer the call. Hoping she can find Teejay at his house (or at least his dog), she catches a cab over, setting in motion the tragedy to come.

Arriving to find Kujo trapped inside the garage & evidence of a break-in, she calls 911, then hangs up before giving any pertinent details and calls Agent Minerva Townsend (whom she had gathered was a mutual acquaintance, if nothing else). Rather than wait however, she manages to shake the side-door free of the stuff Altair had piled against it on the inside, and steps in to find a worried Kujo standing over the partially concealed corpses of Teejay & Altair. Rushing back outside, she urgently calls Townsend again, crying about dead bodies and urging her to hurry, along with again calling 911 and this time staying on the line to beg for ambulances and such.

Agents Townsend and her new partner Alondo Massey arrive shortly thereafter and head inside while Athene stays outside to comfort Kujo. Seeing her one-time lover dead and crispy she rushes over to examine him, and in moving him about and talking to Massey doesn’t notice the injured vampire wake. The sunlight streaming in through the side door causes him to frenzy again and scream, which in turn brings Kujo chasing in to defend her master and take a bite out of Minerva. The blood shifts the focus of his frenzy to hunger, and Teejay attacks her from behind as she defends herself against the dog. It takes two shots from Massey (along with repeated blows from the butt of his pistol when the gun jams) to put down Teejay’s defender, but by then the bloodloss is too much and Agent Townsend is dead, sucked dry in Teejay’s arms. Teejay moves on to finish off Kujo and then sup heavily from Altair before full and again sane, but by this time Massey has retreated to fetch a shotgun from the Police cruiser the Agents had borrowed from the local authorities, while Athene has fled half a block to get away from the monster her friend had so clearly become. Massey, sticking to the daylight just outside of the doorway, fires a shot into the still crispy Teejay as the latter is trying to break back into his own house (his car, and keys, having been stolen that morning after he abandoned it in his driveway with the door open in his rush to beat the sun). Teejay musters enough majesty to convince him of maybe not shooting him, and so Massey has him keep his hands on his head and kneel while he waits for back up. Using superhuman speed Teejay snatches up a tarp to wrap about himself as he charges the Agent and struggles to drag him inside, but as they wrestle all they manage to do is trade places. Teejay looses his grip on the Tarp and goes up in flames, just as Athene returns to investigate the shots.

Stunned, the two survivors pull out Minerva & Altair while waiting for the ambulances and police support, and are shocked as Altair too goes up in smoke. Agent Massey mutters that the city seems thick with vampires, and after Athene mentions there are also Werewolves, he states he’d better call in some “friends.”

That night Raven arises from where he had hidden in the earth, Teejay’s backyard, to find the house cordoned off as a crime scene, so he slips off, unnoticed, with plans to find out who did this and maybe seek a little revenge.

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Atlantian Psychic Dark Hero Single-Minded 4+2=6
Teejay Brown Key Grip Vampire (Daeva) RIP 4+1=5
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Vampire (Daeva) - 0+2=2
Altair Reserved Academic Vampire (Daeva) - RIP 2+1=3
Professor Erikson Mad Scientist Vampire (Nosferatu) - 1+3=4
Masau Esoteric Dabbler Vampire (Nosferatu) - 3+1=4
Raven Lug Vampire (Gangrel) Mute 2+1=3
Deerborn Gunslinger Vampire (Mekhet) - 0+2=2


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