Ch. 3: All Hallows Eve

Act I: The Apocalypse Box

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

The gang wakes at their own pace. T.J. drags Jaik down to the emergency room to have his wounds looked at when he complains of irritation. Intern John Watson examines him and is shocked to see Jaik’s wounds fully healed – the irritation is from the staples & stitches still in the injuries, so he removes them, and the marks where they were are fully healed while his back is turned. Afterwards T.J. lets Jaik talk him into buying him a trench-knife with all the survivalist trimmings in the handle. Meanwhile, Athene goes for a jog, but with the Castle Mall crawling with cops, firemen, arson inspectors, FBI, bomb squads, etc., there’s no way for her to make her way in to check out her storefront, so she heads back. Afternoon comes and Jaik & Athene help Leland with repairs around the hotel, while T.J. stops off at his apartment to pick up hhis dog Kujo & calls on a friend in the camera business and asks for a favor – could he check out the authenticity of a photo if he sends it to him?

That night they agree to go with Athene back to investigate the old Victorian house where the Box was found, and to that end to pick up her van back at the Mall, presuming they can get in. Leland sees the place STILL crawling with Feds and related agencies, so they drive on to Jaiks to pick up a few things (so he can “hunt,” as he puts it), where they find Mr. Watson. Watson is concerned over the healing time and is checking up on things to make sure the paperwork is straight (and whether or not Jaik has the recuperative powers he claims), and they end up convincing him to join them on their Halloween outing of breaking in to a possibly haunted house. T.J. rents a moving van for Athene (who’s principle motive now is to salvage vintage furniture, as opposed to finding clues, which is everyone else’s goal), and they head on over to the 8 Mile strip where the house is located.

While getting out in front of the house they notice a light on upstairs in the house (Watson notes it’s a flashlight, and spots the figure holding it). Jaik also notes, with an impending sense of danger, a weird bug-like vehicular creature coming down the street, and shouts for everyone to seek cover. While T.J. & Athene dodge under the truck, and Watson & Jaik head off to either side of the house, Leland sprints on to take concealment on the porch. Only Jaik can see the thing come down the street, shine it’s light on Leland and move forward, so only he responds, charging it, knife out, leaping and screaming for the others to run. The entity proves intangible, so he falls through it, and it in turn honks loudly (though only he can hear), and shuffles back to merge with the Truck, which turns on and begins to move of its’ own accord. Athene & T.J. manage to roll out from underneath, avoiding its’ tires, while Leland narrowly leaps out of the way before it rams it’s way through the house. Jaik narrowly becomes roadkill when a blur zips out of the house to snatch him up and away. As the monstrosity pulls itself back out a red sports-car zips up, driven by none other than Nichole Meade, with Jaik confusedly in the passenger’s side, yelling for them to get in. The next several minutes revolve around the Thing chasing them across town, until, rather than driving through a line of trick-or-treaters, they spin around and head straight back at it. As Nichole spins her car around it, Leland takes a shot to pop out one of its’ tires, while Jaik leaps from the car to land on the cab, stabbing in with his knife (and thus giving him purchase to hold on). The Thing rears up like a centipede, smashing him into the side of a building (where he hears his ribs crack), and while its’ distracted, Nichole rams it with her car. This proves too much for it, and the mutated van begins to collapse (though Jaik can see the bug-machine spirit leave it’s mechanical host, threatening to return soon with friends now that it knows where he may be found).

As they pull Jaik off and marvel at his injuries, Nichole tells them she can fill in some holes in what Jaik has forgot, but only if he’s willing to meet her price (she’s already done him too many favors as it is). He states it’s up to the others, and as only Leland & Watson agree to her price, she only gives them half of what she knows (her price? they are now “hers”): Jaik is, as far as she knows, immortal – he can’t die (or if he can, she doesn’t know what could do him in). He also made the Box, and put the Hundred in it, and it was his house that was just demolished. He was a member of the Antumbral Association, as was she, possibly its’ founding member, and had a lot of pull on the “other side” – perhaps he still might, as he apparently had a powerful patron in that world. He also was rivals within the Association with Athene’s father. Their best hope is to find out how to unlock his lost memories, but how to do that is not amongst the things she can tell them. The Hundred holds all the members of the Antumbral Association at fault though, and will take their vengeance on not just them, but on their kin as well (which gives Leland a snicker, since he and Watson thus don’t count).

After dropping Jaik & T.J. off at their apartments, she asks of both Watson & Leland “Are you a Soldier, or a Civilian?” Both decide they’re Soldiers, so she takes Watson home with her, leaving Leland for later, dropping him and Athene back at the hotel. Watson she then entrances, cut open her wrist, and makes him drink. Athene sits up a bit longer to send off an e-mail to her old antiquing mentor about clues over Jaik’s origins regarding his clothes in the photo, and wakes up her step-parents to try and get word about how to find her father, though the high point of her late night investigations comes with a vision of the bloody battlefield that is the ruins of the Castle Mall, where the Hundred are butchering every cop, SWAT officer, gangbanger, werewolf, vampire or other foolish enough to get in their way as they leave. She also spots some mysterious folks hanging out by an SUV taking video-footage, but the vision ends when, as spirits approach, one raises his hand, and flames spring from their tips like they were candles…

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Psychic Single-Minded 8 + 3 = 11
T.J. Brown Key Grip 3 + 3 = 6
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Embarrassing Secret 13 + 3 = 16
Jaik Mkor Mystery Man Immortal Amnesia 8 + 4 = 12
Angus McCaffrey Dilettante Paranormal Detective Forgetful 4 + 0 = 4
John Watson Doctor Ghoul - 3


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