Ch. 14: Bang and a whimper

Act IV: Blood Relations

As court is breaking up Leland tells Nichole everything Deerborn told him about his dealings with Erikson and the Cheiron Group on the drive over, which she in turn shares with the Primer. Shortly thereafter Sheriff Carr approaches Deerborn and pulls off the mike he had hidden on his lapel and crushes it in his fingers. He and his deputies then escort him into another room to explain himself to Primer Malik. In the post Court-glow, Leland speaks with Dancer, who fills him in on how she and the other Paranormalists are coping with their new freedom and their plans, which mainly seem to be joining the Carthian’s Paranormal Phenomena Investigation Cadre, and negotiating a possible return to Chicago. She also tells him about what she’s discovered about the Smith-Novus brand LSD they discovered the werewolves had been hiding, and warns him of the tight security their lab complex has in the East Side. She suggests going after one of their researchers, and promises to e-mail him a list of possible names for such employees. She also tells him quite a bit about their rivals, the Cheiron Group.

After leaving Court, Teejay, Leland & Raven decide to take off to Windsor because Teejay desperately wants to blow off steam by taking pictures of pretty girls dancing at local hotspots (a bad idea, Leland warns, but Teejay is willing to take that chance). Thus they end up in Club Zero in the wee-hours where they encounter and are held up by Clayton, a local Invictus watchdog, who demands they stay put while he checks in with Duke Bayard.

Meanwhile, Erikson is summoned from his Van while he’s waiting for Deerborn to exit the GM building by Nichole’s irresistible pull. Unable to control himself, he enters the tower lobby and is joined by Carr and his boys, who make sure he gets to the penthouse boardroom securely. There Nichole questions him while the Primer & Primogen watch, and he finds himself compelled to tell her EVERYTHING, not just about his involvement in the Cheiron Group and what they’d done to Deerborn, but the explosives in the Carfax and the homeless locked up in his basement. However, as he talks, he himself gets a deeper insight into Nichole, revealing that she is demon-ridden, a fact that makes both her and her sire (Sarah Haversham) very uncomfortable. Once he’s told them all they care to know, Malik orders him killed, but before that can be seen to, Baen announces he’d make a GREAT monster, and snatching him up they vanish. Once safely away into the sewers he embraces him and leads him deeper under Detroit. The Court find the threat about Deerborn and Erikson’s death was no empty threat, as his head nearly blows off. Only their immediate application of potent blood keeps him alive, though he is again deep in torpor.

Athene starts from her desk and her late-night research hearing howls and shrieks – werewolves have again broken in to the building! As she is quietly attempting to sneak towards an exit the shrieks and howls turn to screams, and a fireball comes rolling down the hall towards her! Racing now, she throws herself out a window and slides down the fire escape and keeps running, pausing briefly to note the scared woman, Mare’s Tail, in an ally with the Toyman. Taking a brief pic with her phone to send to Teejay, she continues running. Getting a call back from the gang (still stuck in Windsor) she agrees to head for a nicer hotel downtown and let Teejay eventually foot the bill. It isn’t until she’s at the Holiday Inn and safely in a room that she recalls how she’d seen Teejay setting up faulty wiring in Erikson’s lab at the Carfax and planing accelerants in the wall. Was this a trap for the werewolves set by Teejay & Leland? Was it a plot to help Leland get the insurance money? Did they care if she was caught in the blast? Worse, had the werewolves followed her to the hotel with the keen sense of smell of theirs? Trying to seek another vision of Mare’s Tail she gets only a brief, mistaken flash of herself from outside her own window. Sure that the werewolves have tracked her down, she runs to the lobby and insists on waiting there, telling the night clerk of her being a resident of that building now on the news as yet another possible terrorist-bombing sight. He calls the police, and they call Agent Minerva Townsend.

Back in Windsor Teejay, Leland and Raven are taken to an elegant Manse resting next to the river where they are led into the presence of Duke Russel Beyard de Tremer. The Burning Baron slyly tells them they owe him a favor for trespassing on his lands. They show him the photo of the Carfax in flames, and how they managed to roast a few werewolves within, which bemuses him greatly, so the task he lays out is to find him an artifact he has heard recently arrived in the city: the Sword of Dracula! Leland is practically swooning, and readily agrees.

After their release, Teejay drives over to join Athene at the Inn, and he ends up accompanying her downtown to answer some questions for Townsend. The Agent shows them a photo of Erikson and asks what they know of him (they seem to know only that he seems a bit weird, that they’d met him at Leland’s party, and that he’d been doing some crazy bad wiring at the Carfax). She then mentions that they’re looking for him and an associate, a man named Deerborn, for the theft of dangerous explosive compounds from the University and the abduction and torture of several homeless recently retrieved in a raid on his house earlier that night. It being almost dawn, Athene asks to stay in a cell for her own safety for a day, while Teejay races home with Kujo to get in before dawn. He doesn’t quite make it, and catches fire just as the sun is rising while waiting for his garage door to rise. Frenzied, he throws himself from his car into the darkness, heaping himself under many folds of tarp, before unconsciousness takes hold…

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Athene Antiquarian Scavenger Atlantian Psychic Dark Hero Single-Minded 3
Teejay Brown Key Grip Vampire (Daeva) 3
“Count” Leland Murphy Cosplay Dracula-wannabe Vampire (Daeva) - 3
Altair Reserved Academic Vampire (Daeva) - 0
Professor Erikson Mad Scientist Vampire (Nosferatu) - 3
Masau Esoteric Dabbler Vampire (Nosferatu) - 0
Raven Lug Vampire (Gangrel) Mute 3
Deerborn Gunslinger Vampire (Mekhet) - 0


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